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Hi I'm Thor 👋,

Yep, it's my real name, I swear!

Originally from Brooklyn, recently transplanted from South Florida to Vancouver, Washington.

I am a storytelling, product-minded, ops guru. If you want to know more about me professionally, see Thor Schroeder's Resume.

I believe that story is the most powerful tool that humanity has to evoke change. That is my long-tail goal, evoking change in all things that I find of value. Remote work, minimalism, environmentalism, and sustainability are my deepest passions and areas I intend to put the most energy towards. If you align with any of these, let’s chat, work together or make a story.

To catch up on what I am up to lately see: Headed North.

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I share as often as possible, but at least every two weeks. I talk about the gray areas in the world and ourselves.

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Latest Film Series

The Gray Area of Remote Work is a documentary series exploring the benefits and challenges remote workers face, mental health realities, and the humanity behind working remotely – told by remote workers from across the globe. You will hear from remote work experts, novices, and everyone in between.

Remote work is still a fairly new form of working and so is its impact on our mental health. Hear from a diverse group of people, around the world, in various industries – as they share their unique experiences with remote works' impact on mental health.


Remote work can be great, and really challenging. I hope this series provides you with a diverse set of experiences to help you work better, know that you are not alone, and see that remote work is more than just work.


There are certainly challenges of remote work and they are different for everyone, but do they outweigh the benefits? Hear from a diverse group of people, around the world, in various industries – as they share the unique challenges they face.


Film Playlist

The Gray Area of Remote Work


You can find me: Twitter • Instagram • YouTube • Email