What is Audio Drift?

The timecode of audio and video is not always perfectly in sync. This can happen due to an external audio recorder being at a different rate than the camera or due to Variable Frame Rate Footage.


  1. Unlink footage from audio

  2. Leave the audio in place and either

    1. Manually grab the footage and drag left or right on the timeline
    2. Use the slip tool
  3. Once the audio matches with the video, relink the footage

  4. If this is the original audio of the video clip, Premiere will show you the difference indicated by a -x or +x. These are frames, not seconds.


  5. You can use this as a guide for the same clip in different instances as needed.

  6. Note - audio drift can vary over time on the same clip

    1. So you might need to fix audio numerous times on long clips